Local Information:
Lake Whitney State Park
Box 1175
Whitney, Texas 76692
(254) 694-3793

On the Brazos and Nolan Rivers
off of Texas Highway 22, about 30
miles northwest of Waco.

23,560 acres

Maximum Depth:
108 feet

Date Impounded:

Normal Water Clarity:
Clear to stained

Water Level Fluctuation:
Moderate, 3-4 ft.

Conservation Pool Elevation:
533.0 ft. msl

Aquatic Vegetation:
Willow, bushy pondweed, buttonbush,
bulrush, coontail, pondweed, water willow
Predominant Fish Species: Striped bass,
white bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth
bass, crappie, channel, blue, and flathead

Do I need to bring my
own Rod & Reel?

Why of course not! We will furnish all bait and tackle.

What about foul weather gear?
Please watch weather closley, it is colder and hotter on the water. If chance of rain
bring rain gear and dress in layers for cold.

Do you clean all caught fish?
Yes! All fish are filleted and bagged ready for you to take home. Be sure and bring a cooler to preserve fish until you get home.

How long have you fished
Lake Whitney?

My Roots are deep in Lake Whitney! My Grandfather worked on the damm in the late forties and my wife was runner up in the 1975 Miss Lake Whitney Pagent, and at the age of 45 I have fished the lake since childhood.

How many people can you fish out of your boat?
That depends if were fishing live bait or artificial Baits. Live bait We can fish with up to 6 people. Artificial Bait (chunking & winding) we can fish up to 4 people. (Safety reasons of course).

How long have you been a Professional Redneck Guide?
Since 1997. (Actually, since I have been old enough to spit, whittle and cutt bait.)